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It is very important to make. In business, a request for proposal is a contract between two partners, or companies that one side offers the proposal while the other side will help to take care and mange that proposal to make it more successfully. This agreement is considered as a type of document which investors announce that funding is available for a particular project. Companies or investors have money, however the project is over their control because it requires a long and complex process.

Therefore, a request for proposal. Each statement has different qualities which I will discuss in my presentation. The future of our business and the Vision of who we are goes with our philosophy and ideals of who we want to be. The vision statement should inspire your employees and give them direction on how your organization intends them to act and give them purpose. It also, gives our members understanding of what type of private club they would like to do business with.

The mission statement.

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Asda is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart, the American retail supermarket since July and it is now the second-largest supermarket in the market. Aside, from the supermarket retail, the company offers a. The purposes of different types of business organization. Business organization: A group of people organized for making profit in a collective way is known as business organization. For instance, Unilever Ltd and Lindum Group. The purposes: Most of the business organizations are operated to make profit by proving commodities or services.

It is the basic purpose of a business organization. But according to types of organizations, purposes may slightly defer. Here, I have considered three main types of business organizations and their purposes. The public sector organizations: These types of business organizations are run and operated by the government Tutor2u.

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Different types of taxes collected from the people are the main …show more content…. Different types of taxes collected from the people are the main sources of finance of public organizations. These organizations are not profit oriented. He must go through proper channel i. E, D, B. From the above features, it follows that in the scalar system, authority, command, and control descend from the top down to the bottom step by step.

The secretary of a department will deal with the joint secretary who in turn shall deal with the deputy secretary, who further shall deal with the under secretary. Likewise, may be quoted a hierarchical structure of police administration with Inspector General of Police as the Head. The hierarchical structure will look like a pyramid.

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Thus the hierarchy in police administration is discernible from top to bottom — I. The advantages of the scalar system need no emphasis.

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It is almost indispensable for every large-scale organisation. It is equally essential to the very idea and concept of organization that there must be a process, formal in character through which this coordinating authority operates from the top throughout the entire structure of the organised body. It binds together the various units and divisions into an integrated whole. It acts as a link which joins the various sections of an organisation most harmoniously. Since no organization can function effectively or produce team work unless its various units are integrated into a coherent whole, the scalar principle is a universal necessity of all organizations.

Everybody knows what his position and responsibility are in the organization and to whom he is to account for his work. It makes clear to every official with whom he is to deal with. It gives effect to the proper channel method of dealings. Everything has to move through proper channels. Through decentralization and division of labour it ensures greater precision and efficiency in administration.

Work is divided at the different levels of the hierarchy. It protects the chief executive and higher officers from being overwhelmed with details. It is the channel for the delegation of authority. In short, the linkage of civilian officers in the chain of command and responsibility is the main two-way highway along which public business travels in an endless stream. More specifically it is the means by which resources are apportioned, personnel selected and assigned operations activated, reviewed and modified.

The scalar system has some demerits. A file must pass through proper channels howsoever urgent the matter may be and how so ever ignorant intermediate officials may be about that matter. It is usually seen that the intermediate officials pass on the files to the higher officials by simply initiating the forwarding letters and with the remarks. Besides, it creates superior subordinate relationship in the hierarchy. The superior officers develop superiority complex and have the tendency to boss over the subordinates.

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It has been well summed up by Dr. Since everything is done through proper channel it makes the process of decision-making a dilatory process and also leads to red tapism and inefficiency. As the direction flows from top to downward it kills initiative of the lower officers consequently resulting into indecisiveness and inefficiency. The system brings too much rigidity in administration and thus human relationship which is essence of good administration is missing in it.

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  8. In order to do away with first defect it is necessary that short cuts should be found. According to Fayol, there are two short cuts. One is to throw a bridge across the formal lines of authority of the hierarchy so that subordinate officers in one department or section may contact directly with their opposite numbers in another department. Thus a superintendent in Education department may contact directly with the superintendent in the Finance department without the file passing though their superiors or juniors.

    The officers skipped over may be informed of the action proposed or taken. By span of control we mean the number of subordinates which a superior officer can effectively supervise, direct and control. The problem of span of control is a natural out-flow of the principle of scalar system.

    Scalar organisation involves a number of tiers or steps one above the other in an organisation, each step being headed by a single person. Now the question arises as to how many persons should work under his control and supervision at that particular level. It goes without saying that none among us can attend to more than a certain number of things or a certain number of persons. This limit of control is partly a matter of the limits of knowledge and partly due to the limits of time and energy. There is a good deal of disagreement among the writers on administration about the exact limit of the span of control.

    Sir Ian Hamilton fixed the limit at 3 to 4, Urwick at 5 to 6 at higher levels and 8 to 12 at lower levels. So, a span of control universally exists and it cannot be exceeded without the danger of a breakdown.


    Of late, the University Grants Commission in India has been studying the problem of span of control and attention in the college class-rooms. It has drawn the conclusion that a teacher can teach and supervise only students most effectively but should we take their findings as final and conclusive is a matter for careful thinking. In fact, this problem is extremely elusive and it shall take years of research before we can find its exact solution.

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    For example, it is easier to supervise a large number of typists because of the measurable nature of their work but this will not be so if the nature of work is of intellectual type. The span of control increases or decreases depending upon the qualities of the supervisor. If he is intelligent, shrewd and tactful, he can supervise a larger group of persons but if he is weak and foppish, he may not be in a position to supervise even a few persons effectively. It may also be pointed out that much depends on the competence and calibre of the subordinates also if the latter are untrained and incompetent, they are liable to make mistakes and hence need closer supervision.

    Supervision is more easy and the span of control increases if the organisation has been long in existence. In old established organisations, precedents take firm roots and the work goes on smoothly. In newer organisations, new problems constantly arrive which very often demand reference to the superiors. Supervision becomes easier when the subordinates work under the same roof where the supervisor sits. If they work in different rooms or at a distance from the supervisor, supervision becomes difficult because they escape his penetrating eye.

    The principle of span of control is good as a general guiding principle in administrative organization. But it cannot be couched in mathematical terms. Thus we conclude by saying that the principle of span of control cannot be applied in a rigid way. The span of control varies with the four factors mentioned above.

    Simon challenges the validity of the span of control on the basis of theoretical soundness. The idea of span of control has come under revision during the recent years. Automation and mechanical processes have resulted in simplification and expediting of communications. Thus delay problem of paper has been considerably solved due to annihilation of time and distance. Moreover, mechanization has been made use of in tabulating, accounting, purchasing, sorting and computation work. Even a backward country like India is fast taking to automation. The headquarters are now linked with field offices through internet mobile phones, fax machinery and other fast means of communication.

    Computerization of offices is going on rapidly. Information is being dispersed through satellites. The use of latest means of communication has obviously widened the span of control. It has rendered superfluous most of the clerical and routine jobs and reduced paper work.

    go site The specialists inherit certain attitudes of mind. They are conscious of their expertise. Hence they do not tolerate any interference by ignorant laymen.

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