Thesis comparing two novels

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The thesis relies on a strong verb creates. It also identifies the element of fiction that the writer will explore character and the characteristics the writer will analyze and discuss determination, faith, cunning.

The Comparative Essay

The character of the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet serves as a foil to young Juliet, delights us with her warmth and earthy wit, and helps realize the tragic catastrophe. Note how the thesis statement classifies the form of the work writings by immigrants and identifies the characteristics of that form of writing tradition, adaptation, and identity that the essay will discuss.

This thesis suggests that the essay will identify characteristics of suicide that Paul exhibits in the story. Through the experience of one man, the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, accurately depicts the historical record of slave life in its descriptions of the often brutal and quixotic relationship between master and slave and of the fragmentation of slave families.

In title of work , author illustrates, shows aspect adjective. In title of work , author uses one aspect to define, strengthen, illustrate the element of work. In title of work , author uses an important part of work as a unifying device for one element , another element , and another element. The number of elements can vary from one to four.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students of All Levels

In title of work , author uses literary device to accomplish, develop, illustrate, strengthen element of work. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. For details and exceptions, see the Library Copyright Statement.

This type of essay shows how things are alike in some ways compare as well as how they are different in other ways contrast. Without a strong thesis, an essay will be weak and will not convey an effective main idea The most important or central thought of a reading selection. It also includes what the author wants the reader to understand about the topic he or she has chosen to write about.

In a compare and contrast essay, you can develop either an explanatory or evaluative thesis statement A brief statement that identifies a writer's thoughts, opinions, or conclusions about a topic. Thesis statements bring unity to a piece of writing, giving it a focus and a purpose. You can use three questions to help form a thesis statement: What is my topic?

What am I trying to say about that topic? Why is this important to me or my reader? This lesson will help you differentiate between the two types of thesis statements and give you the tools to develop your own thesis statements. An explanatory thesis A statement that explains something without judgment. You will use this type of thesis in expository essays An essay that explains or describes something with facts and not opinions. How-to guides, timelines, and biographies are all examples of expository writing.

Being objective, or displaying no tendency toward a preference, is the opposite of showing bias. For example, it is very obvious that cats and dogs are different.

It might be more interesting for the reader to learn about the many ways that they are the same. An evaluative thesis A statement that presents an opinion about the topic.

What Exactly Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

It makes a judgment call. It declares one subject to be better or worse than another. The two subjects are no longer equal. It is important to understand your assignment in order to know whether you need to develop an explanatory or an evaluative thesis statement. Assignments, sometimes called prompts Instructions for a writing assignment given by an instructor.

The following prompts require explanatory thesis statements because they are asking the writer to compare two things without taking a particular stance on whether one is better or worse. The following prompts require evaluative thesis statements because they ask the writer to compare the two subjects while taking a position in favor of one over the other.


There is value in both evaluative and explanatory essays; they serve different purposes. Knowing how to craft effective thesis statements for both situations is critical in both college and a career.

How to write a comparative thesis statement

In college, you will no doubt have many assignments of both types, whether you are comparing two theories, two processes, or two characters. In your career, you might be asked to compare two job candidates and determine which is more suitable for an open position. Or maybe your supervisor will ask you to write a business proposal recommending one of two different approaches to a project.

In all of these cases, an effective thesis statement is the foundation of your writing. Read each prompt, then notice whether the writing situation requires an explanatory or evaluative thesis.

How to Write a Comparative Essay

Then see an example thesis. Prompt: Compare and contrast the effects of walking and running with respect to individual health.

Determine which exercise regimen is more appropriate for your assigned patient. This prompt requires an evaluative thesis. It is asking you to make a comparison and choose between the two options. A possible thesis could be:. While both running and walking offer undeniable health benefits, a walking regimen is more appropriate for a sixty-year-old patient who is returning to exercising after a relatively sedentary life.

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This prompt requires an explanatory thesis. It is not asking you to decide which is more likable, more believable, etc. It is asking you to compare the two characters. Though their fates are quite different, both Lily Bart and Judy Trenor willingly seek lives in gilded cages.

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Prompt: Explain the similarities and differences between the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters. This prompt also requires an explanatory thesis, looking at the characteristics of both disasters. While there are some differences, the parallels between the Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters, despite the twenty-five years between them, suggest that humans still have a great deal to learn about controlling the awesome force they have created.

While this may sound like it is leading to an evaluative essay because the writer has included some of his or her own analysis To analyze is to make a thoughtful and detailed study of something.

thesis comparing two novels Thesis comparing two novels
thesis comparing two novels Thesis comparing two novels
thesis comparing two novels Thesis comparing two novels
thesis comparing two novels Thesis comparing two novels
thesis comparing two novels Thesis comparing two novels

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