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There were three teachers and they were all females. Their ages ranged from twenty-five to about forty-five years of age. Many different interactions took place between the children and the teachers. The teachers were not ever all three involved at the same time. It seemed that different activities were for different teachers. The children all were very comfortable with each teacher, as if they had known them for quite some time. There didn't seem to be any inhibitions for the children. Of course some were shyer than others, yet at the same time comfortable.

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During story time they all sat Indian-style on the carpet while the teacher sat up in a chair and read to them. I was very impressed at how cooperative they were for her. They were also very attentive. Only one small outbreak occurred and it wasn't that bad. Handled immediately with e Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays.

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Pre-school Observation. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 4. She is wearing a big pink flower headband that matches her short summer dress under a white zipped sweatshirt. When A J first arrived, she greeted all the teachers. Batista should be Baptista and peeked to the other room where Mrs. When A J saw me, I smiled to her and she gave me a small smile and walked straight to Mrs. I heard Mrs. And when her classmates saw her, three of them approached and ask her to play with them. She is the only child that said good morning first to all the teachers.

Child Observation Report

This caught my attention because I see a happy and sweet little girl, aside from being so pretty. A J weighs 35 pounds and three feet and 3 inches by the time she reaches 6 years old she will weigh around 44 pounds and three feet tall and nine inches. She is within the normal range for her age Berger, A J is physically fit; her body is well proportioned and leaned. Her growth will be expected to slow down by the age five and six, where her legs and arms lengthen, fat turns to muscles Berger, This enables her to balance her body and enjoy the fun of dancing, running and playing without falling or slipping.

I noticed during snacks, A j finished first the carrot slice. I think this is the reason why she is lean because those who eat more vegetables and fewer fried foods usually gain bone mass but not fat Berger, When A J is working on her scare crow, she asks the teacher if she can cut the pant and shirt shape paper.

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I noticed that she was holding the paper on her left hand and scissor on the right hand and I can see that she is concentrating in what she is doing. She was able to cut the paper pant and shirt perfectly by following the line. She both used her hand in shaking the small plastic glue bottle and squeezed it to the edge of the pant and shirt following the shape without a mess. I noticed too that A J used both hands in pouring the juice in her cup, using her right hand to hold the handle of the plastic container and left hand on the bottom of the container to avoid spill and to control how much juice she will pour.

When A J unzipped her sweatshirt she could not undo the zipper at the bottom to completely unzip so she pulled it from the hood over her head to take it off. She was dancing and jumping on the carpet during circle time. While outside on the playground A J was running nonstop on the entire playground, push the tire swing with her foot and climbed up the ladder, ride the bike, lift water bucket to transfer water to the sand box.

Piaget second period of Preoperational intelligence shows symbolic thoughts Berger, Rodriguez can I have a big scare crow? Many young children believed that natural objects are alive Berger, She expected that her mom will love what she did Berger, I noticed that A J focuses on appearance. Although, they are both have converse shoes the only difference is the color Berger, When A J entered the room she immediately approached all the teachers saying good morning.

She even starts her day on the table working with her teacher, asking questions how to do it and her teacher in return is guiding and helping her how to do the work. A J is learning on what Vygotsky believed; social learning. A J is learning from her teacher through guided participation within her zone of proximal development ZPD an intellectual arena where new ideas and skills can be mastered. Brown is wearing a Charger shirt today? Curiosity and thought, connecting bits of knowledge and observation develop theories that help young children understand and remember Berger, Theory of mind is not fully developed at this young age.

This ability is slow to develop but typically beginning in most children at about age 4 Berger, Ana pointed to each illustration and told a story based on what she saw in each picture.

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She pointed to the next and turned the pages one by one. Her verbal language skills are remarkable when she speaks in complete and grammatically correct sentences. She was able to say the correct words by looking at the picture identifying the different kinds of animals and describing what are they doing. This is the process called fast mapping wherein children develop an interconnected set of categories for words. I saw her nodding her head while watching her classmate put the puzzle together conforming maybe that what her classmates doing is right.

Observation Report On Child Observation

She communicates very well with her teacher and classmates. Erikson thought young children are naturally motivated to take initiative, with joy at new tasks, yet vulnerable to feeling guilty Berger, A J demonstrates a positive sense of self through her initiative and awareness of her own skills and accomplishment. A J was so happy when she finished her project by herself.

She feels so proud when the teacher praises her with her work. She even wants to show it to her mom. But she felt shameful; when the teacher reprimands her from helping her classmates answer the questions during circle time. She looks down and stays quite. Controlling the expression of emotions, called emotional regulation is the preeminent psychosocial task between ages 2 and 6 Berger, A J displays pro-social behavior when she cooperates with her peers during clean up time, sharing space on the circle time when Samantha wants to sit by Reese by moving to the other side Berger, A J displays empathy in numerous occasions.

After that, Samantha is smiling already and starts doing her scare crow. Temperaments vary, which makes people within the same culture unlike one another Berger, A J is so expressive of her emotions. She giggles so loud when she is happy and got too excited. She felt sad and quiet when the teacher told her to wait for her turn to ride the bike. A J develops strong gender awareness when she, Isabella, Samantha and Reese gathered together having a tea party while playing outside.

Children need physical activity to develop muscle strength and control. Peers provide an audience, role models and competition. Rough-and-tumble play and socio-dramatic play both help children with socialization Berger, A J enjoys playing, inside and outside the classroom. I observed that she loves socio-dramatic play where they act out various roles and plots Berger She pretends to be the teacher when she read books to her classmates and play tea party. A J and the other girls joined the pirate game played by the boys when their tea party is over. In the playground, she climbed up the ladder and slides.

Rode the tire swing and spin it so fast that makes me dizzy watching them. I think this is where they stayed most during outside play.

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  • I would say she is very strong and healthy because she can lift the bucket full of water without dropping the bucket or spill. A J plays most of the time with her classmate. She displays cooperative play: Children play together, creating dramas or taking turns Berger, I enjoyed observing this preschool, especially A J.

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