Essay on equal rights for men and women

2. Men and women are equally valuable to society

While women who require to use the rights are unaware of it, those who are aware and actually use these rights and laws are not suppressed. Most of the educated and independent women in the city who are well aware of these rights do not really need them for they mostly have what they seek.

Is the Equal Rights Amendment Relevant in the 21st Century?

Many of these women are seen misusing the rights given to them by Indian Society and Indian law to suppress the men. Being a woman, I cannot believe I am saying this, but women more than men are harming the agenda of equality. When we are trying to bring equality between men and women, are we really creating equality or inequality?

A gift is a gift! And yet, a woman has a right over all her gifts since its streedhan, and for a man the acceptance of the gift is an offence liable for imprisonment. What is the point of a law which, where needed is not known and elsewhere is misused? Did you know that the percentage of married men committing suicide is higher than the same percentage in women?

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When a man talks to women who are his friends, the wife can deduce that he is flirting or cheating. A wife can request a husband to stop talking to someone or talk less to the other females, for her security. She will ask the husband what is more important, the relationship or him talking to other women.

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  5. However, when a man asks his wife to stop talking to some men, it is deduced that he is being insecure. The woman can actually file a case against the man for mentally torturing her. What about the mental torture of man? Why such double standards? There are so many laws in India to punish a cheating husband, to punish a husband and his family who mentally or physically torture a woman. But there are no laws when the sex is reversed. A cheating wife cannot be punished. She gets a freeway. Men or women, no one should be given a power to harass or suppress anyone. A count of the advertisements in Ms.

    There are 26 liquor ads in this one initial issue. Of these, 13 are expensive full-page color ads, as opposed to only 18 full-page ads from all other sources combined, most of which are in the cheaper black-and-white.

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    Nothing whatsoever. When his speech to the American Political Science Association Convention is stripped of its egghead verbiage, his argument is that men should eagerly look forward to the day when they can enjoy free sex and not have to pay for it. If a husband loses his job, he will no longer feel compelled to take any job to support his family. Alimony will be eliminated. They are promoting abortions instead of families.

    Why should we trade in our special privileges and honored status for the alleged advantage of working in an office or assembly line? Most women would rather cuddle a baby than a typewriter or factory machine. Most women find that it is easier to get along with a husband than a foreman or office manager. Offices and factories require many more menial and repetitious chores than washing dishes and ironing shirts.

    American women do not want to be liberated from husbands and children. We do not want to trade our birthright of the special privileges of American women—for the mess of pottage called the Equal Rights Amendment. Modern technology and opportunity have not discovered any nobler or more satisfying or more creative career for a woman than marriage and motherhood. The wonderful advantage that American women have is that we can have all the rewards of that number- one career, and still moonlight with a second one to suit our intellectual, cultural or financial tastes or needs.

    And why should the men acquiesce in a system which gives preferential rights and lighter duties to women? In return, the men get the pearl of great price: a happy home, a faithful wife, and children they adore. Tell your television and radio stations that you want equal time to present the case FOR marriage and motherhood.

    Source: Phyllis Schlafly Report 5, no. Westport, CT: Praeger, The African American Experience. Greenwood Publishing Group. All Speakers Speeches Political ads.

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    Emma Watson's speech on gender equality

    In all aspects of Nigerian life, women are subjugated by men and are expected to accept this subjugation without complaining. This is a very big issue in my country. Society must understand that women and men can never have the same roles in most aspects of life, but they must be given the same tools to become better people. Your interpretation is to say the least, a great distortion.

    Women Deserve the Same Rights as Men Essay - Words | Bartleby

    That idea behind that verse is that men should ensure that they take care of women properly because they have been given greater physical strength and are economically advantaged. I am sure you know of the verse which states that women can own property, can run businesses without the interference of their husbands, can inherit and be inherited, and so on. And what greater demonstration is this than the fact that the Prophet PBUH met his first wife who was a very industrious woman while he was working for her as a salesman.

    May i remind you that he never stopped her from working when they married, and he encouraged his daughter Aisha to work hard. Please be objective and stop distorting religion to carry out your personal agenda.

    What’s Wrong with ‘Equal Rights’ for Women? - 1972

    Do you think any economy would survive if women stopped working and providing the goods and services they currently do? I believe that there is still a long way to go.

    In my country this is a deep cultural issue. Women has to prove twice to be considered equal. At rural areas forget about equality between gender, there is not any equality between sexes. I think that both sex has to have same opportunity when applying to jobs. The work load, women tend to get are usually less tasking than men. Women should have privileges over men. When men ran away from home, women take care of children. When women have kid a small of men will help with the baby. Women and Men should have equal rights. Women do take care of the kids when the man runs away, but also some men take care of the kids when the women run away.

    I think women and men should have the same rights. Both should be treated the same. Men have a little more over women, but women should still have an equal chance at anything a guy could do. I believe that God made us all equal; therefore, we are all equal in every way possible, including our intelligence. But the way they make us does not mean we are destined to be that way, everybody creates their own future.

    Those who succeed in life just tried harder than the rest. I believe that men and women should get the same rights as each other.

    essay on equal rights for men and women Essay on equal rights for men and women
    essay on equal rights for men and women Essay on equal rights for men and women
    essay on equal rights for men and women Essay on equal rights for men and women
    essay on equal rights for men and women Essay on equal rights for men and women
    essay on equal rights for men and women Essay on equal rights for men and women

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