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Milton changed and elaborated on a few characteristics of his Satan and his Hell in order to create Paradise Lost, but based his characterization and his descriptions on his interpretation of the Bible, using his imagination to form a more vivid picture of how horrible Satan and Hell are in reality Powerful Essays words 5. Milton first introduced the reader to the character Satan, the representative of all evil, and his allegiance of fallen angels that aided in his revolt against God Milton Only later did Milton introduce the reader to all powerful God, leader and creator of all mankind John.

This introduction of Satan first led the reader to believe acts of sin were good, just like Eve felt in the Garden of Eden when she was enticed by Satan to eat the fruit off of the Tree of Knowledge Milton Free Essays words 5. How did Milton dream up such vivid depictions of such horrible demons as the ones we see in Book I. Most of his fallen angels originate in the form of Pagan gods condemned by the Bible, with actual historical backgrounds which Milton cites in his lengthy descriptions Powerful Essays words 8.

Why Kashmir means so much to both India and Pakistan

How Milton chose to portray the original mother and father has been a focus of much criticism with contemporary readers. One of the main subjects of these comments is in reference to Eve, who, according to many, is a trivial character that is most definitely inferior to her mate. Nonetheless, many do not recognize that, after the fateful Fall, she becomes a much more evolved character Powerful Essays words Essay about Kashmir ; A lost paradise.

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Need Writing Help? The Destiny of Kashmir Essay - Breath-taking scenery, multi-patterned landscapes, snow-powdered mountains and peaks, beautiful people, clear lakes, lush haze and forests are only a few wonders one comes across in the valley of Kashmir. One of the major issues the country is facing is a shortage of water. According to research by the American University, Pakistan is among the top ten countries in the world which are suffering from a water crisis. Handling this water crisis will not be easy. It is necessary that work on the Kalabagh and Diamer-Basha Dams be completed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Essay about Kashmir ; A lost paradise

According to a recent report, 40 million acre-feet MAF of water is draining into the sea due to lack of dams. The Kalabagh Dam has a capacity to store 6. If these three dams are completed, then lot of water will be saved from being wasted which may aid in reducing the water shortage. If these dams are not constructed, Pakistan will face a drinking water crisis and its agriculture sector will be destroyed. In Pakistan, agriculture has a deep connection with other industries, such as the textile and pesticide industries.

Due to a lack of water, both agriculture and agriculture-related industries are on the brink of total collapse. Public debt is increasing because of which we must pay attention to the value of the rupee. Ishaq Dar has controlled the dollar due to which inflation remained under control but foreign exchange reserves continued to be depleted. Air pollution is another major issue.

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  • The increasing severity of floods and silting of dams is leading to decrease in their storage capacity as a result of deforestation. In the future, the water crisis will more serious than the load shedding crisis.

    TEN Major Problems Facing By Pakistan Today - CSS Forums

    While the load shedding crisis has been somewhat overcome, our transmission lines are worn out which causes the entire power system to keep on tripping. Timely action is needed to address this issue so that the requirements of the growing population can be fulfilled. Today there continues to be load shading despite having no shortfall. Thus, even if we were able to generate more electricity, load shedding would still not be reduced because of the lack of capacity in the transmission system.

    There is a lack of sustainable development projects in Pakistan. The number of youth in our country is constantly increasing, which means that unemployment is growing rapidly as well.

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    That is why technical education needs to be provided. B-Tech education and other technical education should be made available to everyone.

    The maximum number of youth possible should be equipped with the skills they need to earn money abroad so that they can contribute to the gross national product GNP. The growing population has a negative impact on the country reserves and depletes resources.

    essay on burning issues of pakistan Essay on burning issues of pakistan
    essay on burning issues of pakistan Essay on burning issues of pakistan
    essay on burning issues of pakistan Essay on burning issues of pakistan
    essay on burning issues of pakistan Essay on burning issues of pakistan
    essay on burning issues of pakistan Essay on burning issues of pakistan
    essay on burning issues of pakistan Essay on burning issues of pakistan
    essay on burning issues of pakistan Essay on burning issues of pakistan
    essay on burning issues of pakistan Essay on burning issues of pakistan

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