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Rome: Aracne, pp. From depictions of saints to on-line guidance for Muslims and computer filing of legal cases, old This collection brings together the work of social scientists, architects, lawyers, and semioti-cians to probe the role of technologies in law and religion.

The technologies studied include architecture, art, digital technologies iCT , documents and scriptures, disciplines, surveillance devices and regulatory signs, symbols and practices.

Law and religion are studied together since they have always shared and benefited from each other's experience with technologies, from artistic representations of emperors, saints and judges, to mutual recognition of jurisdictions and certification. A collection of essays on the cultural semiotics of religion, in Chinese.

Il lato significante d Il lato significante del segno non riproduce mai semplicemente quello significato, ma piuttosto ne individua un aspetto. Save to Library Edit.


Ma come sono fatti? Quali caratteristiche presentano? Come vengono generati? Come si diffondono? Come vengono utilizzati? E che effetti hanno su chi li usa? Individuano forse una classe omogenea?

Letter from the Bishop to the Governor

Il volume, punto di arrivo di un percorso delineatosi a partire da una manciata di anni a questa parte e, si spera, punto di partenza per un avanzamento degli Internet studies in seno agli studi semiotici, e viceversa, si pone come obiettivo di dare risposta a queste e altre domande su quello che pare profilarsi come il principale meta—macroregime discorsivo della comunicazione contemporanea.

English Abstract. Umberto Eco's essential contribution to semiotics consisted in finding a theore Umberto Eco's essential contribution to semiotics consisted in finding a theoretical equilibrium between deconstructive tendencies, aiming at presenting cultural habits as pure conventional but naturalized products, and motivational trends, claiming the natural fundament of constructed cultural habits. Fully comprehending and turning into analytical frame the concept of sign in Charles S.

Peirce was instrumental to reach such equilibrium. In no other aspect of Umberto Eco's semiotics it manifests itself with more evidence than in the characterization of indexes. The article seeks to propose a general theorization of their semiotic nature, starting from Umberto Eco's interpretation of Peirce. Riassunto in italiano. Peirce al fine di raggiungere tale equilibrio. L'articolo cerca di proporre una teorizzazione generale della loro natura semiotica, partendo dall'interpretazione echiana di Peirce.

Sintesi in italiano. English abstract.

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Latino sine Flexione, Lingua Ignota, Lingua Romana, Ido, Occidental, Interlingua: the lexicon, syntax, and morphology of these 'planned languages' show that it is impossible to plan the invention of a language from scratch: 'planners' are doomed to consciously or unconsciously, systematically or unsystematically, base their linguistic 'invention' on the language s they already know. That occurs not only through imitation, but also through opposition: the phonetics of Klingon one of the languages of Star Trek , for instance, was planned so as to contrast the main rules of English phonetics, in order to sound particularly "alien".

The paper points out the main combinatorial 'moves' through which most planned languages are 'invented'; furthermore, it seeks to uncover the 'semiotic ideology' of most of these 'inventions': linguistic entropy is a negative socio-cultural trend, but Babel can be reversed, precisely through the planning of a language whose main structure relies on the common features of a whole family of languages. The dialectics between this semiotic ideology and the one which, on the opposite, sees Babel as a natural condition of humanity, are particularly emphasized.

Ringrazio inoltre il Prof. Fabrizio Pennacchietti per aver letto e commentato una versione iniziale del testo italiano dell'articolo.

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Nuestro viajero pasea por calles feas, come en bares feos, compra por tiendas feas, encuentra por Este brote de felicidad le dice: todo lo que te rodea es feo, pero es verdaderamente tuyo. Lo feo no se presenta como feo y tampoco se suele sospechar que lo haga. In early modernity, Catholicism continues to represent martyrs and martyrdom, for they voice a ce Rhetorically, moreover, the Christian narrative of martyrdom subverts the 'pagan' heroic tale and extols suffering heroes, thus encouraging empathy and identification.

At the same time, the early modern representation of martyrs changes: tales of saintly immolation are either retrieved from a remote past early Christianity or projected in faraway missionary lands.

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In the hic et nunc of early modern Roman Catholicism, instead, martyrdom turns from external to internal, from physical to spiritual, from originated by hostile heathens to caused by the enemy that everyone has inside. The article explains this change in relation to the rise of modern science and subjectivity, and exemplifies it thought the semiotic analysis of a series of early modern hagiographic both verbal and visual texts.

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En este contexto, el rostro humano siempre a constituido un reto. Las variables subjetivas y conceptuales son tan numerosas que todo proyecto de modelo universal es destinado a fracasar.

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List of reports with web links. A talk on the approach of cultural semiotics on the rebuilding of destroyed "super-places". In many historical and sociocultural circumstances, however, images also exert a crucial agency in the specific relations between insiders and outsiders. In this case, not only the content, but also the form and the style of the visual representation become a fundamental ingredient so as to attract, retain, and modify the spiritual mindset of the spectator.

Images, however, can also play a symmetrically negative role in religious communities that feel somehow under the siege of alien persuasive religious discourses, and that, depending on the circumstances, react to them either through iconoclasm or by culturally appropriating and, as a result, somewhat defusing these iconic attempts at persuasion. Focusing on examples and case studies related to different religious cultures at different stages of their history, the group of scholars will seek to single out lines of continuity and discontinuity in the religious usage of images for persuasive or dissuasive purposes, with the intent of detecting relations of hegemony, areas of conflict, and opportunities for dialogue.

Legal normativity is nowadays characterized by many forms. Multi-level governance amplifies this Multi-level governance amplifies this attitude: there are different judges, different courts, and many codes aesthetic, digital, etc can now be recalled as valid arguments in legal reasoning. The Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law addresses this plural and many-sided attitude of legal discourse from the perspective of the interpreter of the legal text. What is the role of reasonableness in legal hermeneutics today? Wazzup Pilipinas on Adobo Magazine. He blogs as an advocacy to help the country in making itself known as a prime tourist destination to help highlight that it is really more fun in the Philippines.

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Driving the New Mini Cooper S. Documentary Filmmaking Workshop. Media Partner Events, Brands, Organizations.

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Resource Speaker. Popular Posts. Wazzup Pilipinas! This has got to be the most hilarious news I've read in my Facebook timeline this morning : Jobert Sucaldito , You will feel the divine embrace as you tread on the holy ground trail on your way up to a hill composed of steps To start off, businesses also commit to New Year's resolutions. From new marketing strategies to in-depth customer analytics, companies Qi Palawan: Redefining the Idea of Sustainability. Why buy when you can just rent expensive gowns that you'll just probably be using once in your lifetime?

For ins State of the Nation. Google Members. Environmental Sustainability Among Private Corpora Kamuning Bakery and their Presidential Pandesal Su Lubao International Balloon Festival Intervi

descriptive essay about pintados de passi Descriptive essay about pintados de passi
descriptive essay about pintados de passi Descriptive essay about pintados de passi
descriptive essay about pintados de passi Descriptive essay about pintados de passi
descriptive essay about pintados de passi Descriptive essay about pintados de passi
descriptive essay about pintados de passi Descriptive essay about pintados de passi
descriptive essay about pintados de passi Descriptive essay about pintados de passi
descriptive essay about pintados de passi Descriptive essay about pintados de passi
descriptive essay about pintados de passi Descriptive essay about pintados de passi

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