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Daisy Miller, the heroine he created in in a novelette by the same name, Henry James styled a protagonist who is both quintessentially American and absolutely feminine. Indeed, beyond forwarding the action of the story itself, Daisy may also be seen as a device created by James to help his readers -- both American and European -- understand what it was to be a young American women in the decades just after the Civil War. The story follows Daisy as she travels through Europe and encounters a number of compatriots who have become in many ways more European than the real Europeans: These resettled Americans are intent on enforcing the morality and mores of established and in at least some ways antiquated European communities.

Daisy is herself not so much intent on violating these established ways of behaving as she is inured to them. As an American, they are…… [Read More]. Analyzing Daisy Miller and American Culture. Daisy Miller and American Culture hat is a literary work?

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This is an articulation of what the author thinks, it is where he or she pours his emotions, expressions, and imagination. Since every person is usually a member of a certain society, there is often a close relationship between what an author thinks and what he conveys in his literary work. Authors often get inspired to create work based on the socioeconomic conditions surrounding them or the reality they face. This is why it has been frequently argued that most literary works are an image of what is happening in the society. This is the same argument put forth by authors Austin arren and Rene ellek in their work Theory of Literature in which they state that literature is a social creation that utilizes devices such as metaphors and symbolism to communicate social issues.

Moreover, the two argue that, literature…… [Read More]. Henry James Daisy Miller. By taking a close look at his character, we can learn how he fails to make a correct judgment of Daisy and therefore fails to learn anything about himself or the society in which he lives. This paper will examine how interbourne succumbs to the attitudes of the people in Geneva despite his own inclinations and misjudges Daisy; thus forgoing the opportunity to become more of a man. One of the first things…… [Read More].

Huckleberry Finn and Daisy Miller. Huck Finn was also guided by his innocent and generous heart. He tries to seek answers to moral issues through his own heart than any ill-guided dictates of the society. The most enlightening moment for him comes when he is torn between returning Jim to Miss Watson and rescuing him from slavery. He resolves the issue by thinking of Jim's human worth and deciding that he may go to hell for rescuing him but so be it.

But somehow I couldn't seem to strike no places…… [Read More]. Henry James Scheiber, Andrew J. College Literature In this article, Andrew Scheiber explores the scientific concepts that lie in the social relationship of the story's characters. Scheiber, perhaps, found that a discussion of this would be appropriate to enable the reader of the novella understand the rationales behind the differences between the story's characters in terms of social relationship.

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Scheiber discusses 4 subtopics in the article. First is the Introduction in which the encounters of Henry James with various scientific philosophers were told.

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Specifically on the theories of human variations, Scheiber discusses how theories of such were incorporated in the works of James. The second topic was Winterbourne as Scientific Historian. Here, Winterbourne's nature of categorizing his subjects, such as the observations he inferred about Daisy, was explained.

The third topic was Culture, Aesthetics, and Morality. It…… [Read More]. Look at Specific Works in American Literature. Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane details the life and experiences of Henry Fleming, who encounters great conflict between overcoming his fear of war and death and becoming a glorious fighter for his country in the battlefield. Published in the 19th century, Crane's novel evokes an idealist picture of nationalism, patriotism, and loyalty in America, especially in its war efforts.

Fleming's character can be considered as the epitome of an individual who experiences internal conflict between following his heart or mind. Henry's mind tells him that he should give up fighting in the war because it only results to numerous deaths, wherein soldiers fighting for their country end up getting wounded, or worse, killed. However, eventually, as he was overcome with guilt over his cowardice and fear of death and war, Henry followed his mother's advice, following his heart.

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By being true to himself, he won and survived the…… [Read More]. Human Nature Explored in Henry. He simply cannot allow himself to be with her because he is too concerned with what others might be thinking. For example, he considers what others are thinking as they look at her "hard" but is overcome with "satisfaction in his pretty companion's distinguished air" The story of Daisy Miller is a feminist story because it brings out the challenges that Daisy Miller; a 'pretty American flirt' had to go through in her quest to win the love of his heart Winterbourne.

The story brings out Daisy as flouting roles, which were updated and kind of accepted at the time.

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This is a feminist story because first it is a piece of literary focused on a woman unlike in the early days when the only time women came to be mentioned even in books was when they were aiding certain roles for men. Daisy is brought out as a person who is out seeking the attention of men through flirting and then acting as a 'social chameleon' wherever she travelled.

When she finally met Winterbourne, she realized that in him, she had a gentleman. She endeavored to try to show him that she had true feelings for him and that she desperately wanted to show him that she had true interest in him Henry, pg Because she was unable to communicate her feelings to Winterbourne, she opted to adopting a standard technique of playing some futile brain games to get the affection she needed.

In as much as this is a feminist story, it is not pro-women at all because it seeks to paint the protagonist in bad light. It silently criticizes the behaviors of Daisy in her quest to win the love and attention of Winterbourne. The femininity is however due to the freedom that Daisy has to engage in to satisfy her interests without direct opposition and inhibition from such pursuant. The writer holds that the attempts that Daisy used to win the attention of his affection are immature strategies, which are only used to create jealousy in him so that he can start thinking about him favorably.

Daisy for instance tells him how she had always gone to dinner parties with gentlemen; how she has gone on several trips to New York and that she has an array of friends in the 'gentlemen society'. Daisy is depicted as asking Winterbourne questions in such a way that should also answer those questions about her. It is indicated that even Winterbourne noticed that everything she asked him about were "Of her own tastes, habits and intentions.

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Miss Miller was prepared to give the most favorable account" Henry, Pg Daisy is depicted as one who though got the attention from Winterbourne, wanted him to show more signs of devotion to her and therefore orchestrated a plan to ensure that Winterbourne expressed his feelings first. Daisy is brought out as one who used everything she did to indirectly seek the attention of men. In their meeting in Vevey, Daisy asked Winterbourne if he would mind taking her for a boat ride.

When he eventually obliged and said he would not mind, Daisy just stood there watching and laughing and even went ahead and admitted that "I hope you are disappointed, or disgusted, or something! She is depicted to have engaged in blackmail with Winterbourne when she insisted that the only reason she wanted to go back to Geneva was that he had a girlfriend waiting for him.

She even went to the extent of calling him 'horrid' when in real sense she did not mean it in real sense. She insisted on the story purposely until Winterbourne admit to her that she was the only one who commanded his affection. Even at the point when the argument was coming to conclusion when Winterbourne offered to visit her in Rome sometime later, she was not at peace that he was still going to be in Rome because she thought Winterbourne was only supposed to go to Rome just to see her and not any other business.

To what extent is Daisy the victim of unusual circumstances? What can you infer from this novel about the lives and health of prosperous middle-aged women of the period or the author's view thereof? Had Daisy lived, what do you think would have become of her? How does Daisy react to the news of the varied stages of her social rejection? To what extent does it distress her?

How does Daisy die?

I'm not afraid! Can Winterbourne be viewed as a possible admirer of Daisy? Why doesn't she accept his offer of a nighttime boat ride? According to the values of his society, should Winterbourne have accompanied Daisy to Chillon? Is their trip a sign of flirtation? How does Daisy react to the news that he must return to Geneva?

A Literary Analysis of Daisy Miller by Henry James

What is ominous about the ending of the story's first section? The opening of the second? What is the symbolism of the shift from "Les Trois Couronnes" to Rome? How is the story's progression aided by the division into two sections? To what extent are manners and morals conflated in the society represented in this story? Is it possible to separate these two within the plot--or does the narrator also see them as nearly identical? What opinions and acts reveal Randolph's and Mrs.

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  • Miller's failure to adjust to life in Europe? What are some signs of ignorance or failure to sense danger in Mrs. Miller's reactions to Daisy's behavior? What symbolism or indirection seems to surround such concerns? In your opinion, to what degree were their concerns valid? What are some humorous moments in their conversation with Mrs. What moments in Daisy's conversation foreshadow her death? What is the reader supposed to think of Giovanelli's character and intentions? What drives Winterbourne's concern with Daisy's sexual behavior, in your view?

    What is the author's purpose in presenting his narrator as much more tolerant than either of the older women who judge Daisy? Why does Daisy reject Mrs. Over what do Mrs. Walker and Winterbourne quarrel? Why does Winterbourne not return later to accompany Daisy and her attendant?

    daisy miller essay questions Daisy miller essay questions
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    Daisy miller essay questions

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