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In these stories the word "chaos" means "disorder", and this formless expanse, which is also sometimes called a void or an abyss, contains the material with which the created world will be made. Chaos may be described as having the consistency of vapor or water, dimensionless, and sometimes salty or muddy.

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These myths associate chaos with evil and oblivion, in contrast to "order" cosmos which is the good. The act of creation is the bringing of order from disorder, and in many of these cultures it is believed that at some point the forces preserving order and form will weaken and the world will once again be engulfed into the abyss.

There are two types of world parent myths, both describing a separation or splitting of a primeval entity, the world parent or parents. One form describes the primeval state as an eternal union of two parents, and the creation takes place when the two are pulled apart. The two parents are commonly identified as Sky usually male and Earth usually female who in the primeval state were so tightly bound to each other that no offspring could emerge. These myths often depict creation as the result of a sexual union, and serve as genealogical record of the deities born from it.

In the second form of world parent myth, creation itself springs from dismembered parts of the body of the primeval being. Often in these stories the limbs, hair, blood, bones or organs of the primeval being are somehow severed or sacrificed to transform into sky, earth, animal or plant life, and other worldly features. These myths tend to emphasize creative forces as animistic in nature rather than sexual, and depict the sacred as the elemental and integral component of the natural world.

In emergence myths humanity emerges from another world into the one they currently inhabit. The previous world is often considered the womb of the earth mother , and the process of emergence is likened to the act of giving birth. The role of midwife is usually played by a female deity, like the spider woman of several mythologies of Indigenous peoples in the Americas. Male characters rarely figure into these stories, and scholars often consider them in counterpoint to male-oriented creation myths, like those of the ex nihilo variety. Often the passage from one world or stage to the next is impelled by inner forces, a process of germination or gestation from earlier, embryonic forms.

The earth-diver is a common character in various traditional creation myths. In these stories a supreme being usually sends an animal into the primal waters to find bits of sand or mud with which to build habitable land. Some scholars interpret these myths psychologically while others interpret them cosmogonically. In both cases emphasis is placed on beginnings emanating from the depths.

The pattern of distribution of these stories suggest they have a common origin in the eastern Asiatic coastal region, spreading as peoples migrated west into Siberia and east to the North American continent. Characteristic of many Native American myths, earth-diver creation stories begin as beings and potential forms linger asleep or suspended in the primordial realm. The earth-diver is among the first of them to awaken and lay the necessary groundwork by building suitable lands where the coming creation will be able to live.

In many cases, these stories will describe a series of failed attempts to make land before the solution is found. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Symbolic narrative of how the world began and how people first came to inhabit it. See also: List of creation myths. Main article: Ex nihilo. Main article: Chaos cosmogony. Creation myths develop through oral traditions and therefore typically have multiple versions.

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DK Publishing. For many they are not a literal account of events, but may be perceived as symbolic of a deeper truth.

Nevertheless, all cultures celebrate such myths and attribute to them various degrees of literal or symbolic truth. Ancient Civilizations.

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creation myth essay questions Creation myth essay questions
creation myth essay questions Creation myth essay questions
creation myth essay questions Creation myth essay questions
creation myth essay questions Creation myth essay questions
creation myth essay questions Creation myth essay questions
creation myth essay questions Creation myth essay questions
creation myth essay questions Creation myth essay questions
creation myth essay questions Creation myth essay questions

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