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He is quite gullible with his simple motto that Comrade Napoleon is always right.

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He possesses all the qualities of a hardworking, dedicated and loyal worker. However, his services are not acknowledged by the corrupt rulers.

Animal Farm: Structure Analysis

He works hard until he is no longer capable. Later, he is sold to a glue factory owner when he falls ill. This situation of Boxer represents the plight of poor working classes in all kinds of societies. Jones is the representative of cruel human beings in the animal farm as referred by the Old Major. He owned the farm before the revolt of the animals.

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After the revolution, the animals occupy the whole farm and expel him by kicking and butting him. He remains drunk most of the time which leads to the neglect and ultimately revolt of the hungry animals. Following his expulsion, he tries to get it back.

However, he never comes back though his shadow is shown as a lurking threat by the clever Squealer. She is also a kindhearted character in the novel. She often discerns when the pigs violate rules, for they have formulated for all other animals.

Animal Farm: Character Analysis of Napoleon | SchoolWorkHelper

However, she is so simple-hearted that when such a thought crosses her mind, she thinks that it is her misreading of the circumstances. She represents rather innocent human beings who always trust schemes of their rulers as good acts taken for their welfare. He has been shown as the shrinking British Empire during the time of the Russian Revolution.

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The size of his farm is also symbolic of the unruly British Empire nearing its end. He is the owner of the Pinchfiled farm.

Characters in Animal Farm Paper

He is a clever man who keeps himself busy with litigations with others. He is usually not at good terms with his neighbors. However, rebellion in the animal farm brings him close to his other neighbor, Mr.

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  5. He spreads false news about the animal farm that the animals practice cannibalism. Later, both of them strike a deal with Napoleon who is the ruler of the animal farm. His hypocrisy represents the hypocrisy of the neighboring countries following the Russian Revolution. Perhaps, Benjamin, the donkey is the only rational animal on the animal farm.

    Animal Farm

    He predicts well before time about the plight of the farm animals. He is very practical as he states that their lives will never develop and always be the same, even if the rulers keep changing. This proves right in the end. The weakness, however, in his nature is also exposed by Orwell which is that he cannot oppose the idea of pigs to rebel and rule.

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    Instead, he compromises and goes on living with them come what may. From the Rebellion onward, the pigs of Animal Farm use violence and the threat of violence to control the other animals. On Animal Farm, it quickly becomes clear that language and rhetoric can be much more effective tools of social control than violence. The pigs rely on slogans, poems, and commandments to both inspire the animals and keep them subservient.

    Crucially, the pigs understand that their songs and sayings must be easy to memorize and repeat if the other animals are to internalize their precepts. In addition to the songs, slogans, poems, and commandments, Napoleon and the pigs also rewrite the oral and written histories of the farm in order to serve their needs and maintain their authority.

    When Napoleon violently seizes power, he quickly justifies his takeover by falsely denouncing his former ally and fellow revolutionary, Snowball, as a human-sympathizer and enemy of Animalism. Despite the fact that many of the animals remember Snowball receiving a medal for his bravery in the Battle of the Cowshed, Squealer convinces them that Snowball had actually fought alongside Mr. Jones against the animals.

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