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As they left the conference room, Daniel wondered why Blair Sandburg had approached them at the scene as a curious bystander.

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SG1 did some more research on him and came up with a strange picture. His paper was published, but then he refuted it at a press conference—proclaiming himself a fraud. The university turned its back on him. He felt a pang at the memories it brought up of his own experiences.

Apparently Blair had managed to get himself back into the grad program about a year later, but Daniel wondered what it had cost him. Daniel thought the topic of the fraudulent dissertation was an interesting one—people who had heightened senses. He supposed there might be people out there who could see, hear, feel, taste, or smell better than others.

Too much of a peace-loving, free-spirit, anti-cop kind of a person. Maybe they should have another talk with him when they got back from Esmus.

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Blair had endured the long truck trip, the waiting in line, the introductory speeches, and the tedious assigning of gear and quarters. It was no lie. And he had a hard time keeping still.

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So far, the military was more boring than those stupid seminars Simon always made them go to. When Blair went to his quarters, he found himself bunking with a talkative man who kept trying to get him into a conversation. He made some lame excuse about being tired and pretended to go to sleep.

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His bunkmate left a little while later—probably to get something to eat. Blair quickly dug into his duffle bag, opening the hidden flap inside. There were several different patches and pins for different ranks and security passes to get him into anyplace. There was one thing he knew about the military. If you wanted answers, you needed to go to the top. They always kept the little guy out of the loop. He had to see General Hammond. He just had to get there—the passes would take care of that.

So what? He looked at his shirt. He outranked them. He steadied himself and walked up. They both saluted. He should have been notified of my coming. One of the guards spoke into his headphone then turned back to Blair. General Hammond will see you now. The door slid open.

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Blair almost groaned. Colonel Sanders? I only received notice of your arrival a few minutes ago. They said you were coming in incognito with the new people. What is this all about, Colonel? Why all the extra secrecy? And a missing detective named James Ellison.

He noticed that Hammond was reaching for something. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

Cheyenne Mountain, CO—4 days later

Blair pulled out his own gun first. Pulling a gun on a general had to be a hanging offense or something. Boy, was he going to get a lecture from Jim about this. General Hammond raised his hands slowly. No one has to get hurt. Samantha scanned the area with a hand-held device. The device had been modified to pick up that energy.

About two miles north. He would have to make due with ordinary humans. No sentries, no guards. They hid behind a grouping of rocks, watching with binoculars. Daniel looked around nervously. SG1 was taken by surprise. Samantha got winged in the side before she managed to dive behind a rock. It just grazed me.

SG1 fired back with a vengeance.

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  7. Kuk had about ten men with him. He had only been able to procure a few for his most trusted guards. The others had been forced to use primitive weapons stolen from earth. Jack spoke low to the others. What next? Spears and rocks? Kuk waved a hand for his men to stop firing. How dare you insult the God of Darkness in such a way? Who are you?

    They can help you. The betrayers? Yes, boy. Take me to them so I can make them suffer as Naufri suffered. I would gladly give them the same fate they left her to. Jack turned to the others. I guess he found his new host. It appears that Kuk has taken the body of the missing detective from the warehouse. I doubt that he joined with Kuk willingly.

    blair sandburg multiple dissertation Blair sandburg multiple dissertation
    blair sandburg multiple dissertation Blair sandburg multiple dissertation
    blair sandburg multiple dissertation Blair sandburg multiple dissertation
    blair sandburg multiple dissertation Blair sandburg multiple dissertation
    blair sandburg multiple dissertation Blair sandburg multiple dissertation

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