Apple ipad marketing case study

2.0 Case Brief: Description of the Situation

And this hype is continued until the product becomes a success. As the number of products with Apple is less, it is no doubt that it wants each one of its product to be a hit. This was the Marketing strategy of Apple.

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Case Study on Apple's iPad by Christopher Herlihy on Prezi

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iPad Strategy

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Footer Widgets. In addition, the company has a vibrant after-sale service program as well as a warranty of one year on the entire product. Recently, the company has been investing heavily in vertical integration where even products that were initially outsourced are now being produced at the company. However, this does not mean that it is going to lose its focus on its core business Isabella, To remain relevant in the market, Apple had to find products that resonated well with the demands of the consumers by developing a variety of products that are not only trendy but also innovative in design and development.

Many companies, especially those engaged in the technology industry, struggle because they fail to recognize financial planning as an important aspect that can influence the overall performance of the company in the industry. Financially, Apple Inc.

Drive app discovery.

Furthermore, the company has dedicated certain strategic business units like the iPhone within the Smartphone segment as the key profit driver. The other SBU contribute to the selling of the brand name of the company. Interestingly, Apple has managed to build a strong local market that provides high consumption that accounted for So far, the company management has been able to maximize its opportunities and strengths to the degree that it is now one of the most respected and profitable companies in the world.

Apple faces strongly established competitors like Samsung, Motorola Xoom, and Dell Streak, who are already providing similar products in the Indian market.

Its share is still relatively low compared to the potential market. The company has had to maintain a high level of innovation in iPhones and iPad to meet the demands of consumers who are already used to highly innovative mobile devices. Apple is also faced with the challenge of high cost of entry to have a new product, especially because it had already tried and failed with the Apple Pippin. It is also possible that Apple may fail to reach an agreement with third-party actors in the areas of synchronization of marketing strategies because of the ongoing debate about which marketing policies should be embraced in the Indian market.

Apple has already launched a range of products that are appealing to consumers.

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It can build on this brand recognition in a bid to increase its market share by introducing additional products. It also enjoys in-house development of both software and hardware, which gives it greater control on design and development of products that will appeal to consumers.

It also has the capacity to expand into new markets, relying on the brand recognition and past history. In particular, Apple can rely on this because there is a growing trend toward mobile information and, therefore, the company is sure to gain shares of the market for its new products. The company has an opportunity to focus on expanding sales because it already has a proven cash cow record with year-to-year growth.

The growing market share is also an indication that the company has not reached its climax.

1.0 Introduction to the Case Study

Therefore, it can continue innovating its products for new markets. The advancement in technology and convergence of media also provides a great opportunity for Apple to invest in research and development because the market is ready for new products. Apple also has an opportunity to expand its consumer and corporate base. Finally, high-end software and hardware will give the company greater margins than its competitors. Apple continues to rely on one strategic business unit in iPhone to provide the bulk of the net sale margins.

The approach may be risky in terms of a slump in sales of iPhone. This would mean that the company would experiences huge losses. The materials used in the manufacturing of Apple products are produced by different companies. The concept of vertical integration has not yet been fully embraced by the company.

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Although it is not possible to have total vertical integration in the company, it is safe to ensure that important components of manufacturing are produced by the company rather than relying on the supplier. Some shareholders are also likely to demand big dividends as a result of the cash reserve that the company holds. This is likely to have an impact on the stock prices of the company. The continued effectiveness of leadership and executive retention in light of the death of Steve Jobs has also faced some major challenges.

Apple has not seriously considered the Indian market through its indifferent marketing and the delayed launching of new products in the market. The company has limited options when it comes to providing the customers with products. The varieties of iPods, iPads, and iPhones are limited more in the Indian market than in other international markets around the world. This strategy of limited models has worked well in other markets where companies are able to lock consumers within a limited line of products.

However, on a market where consumers are open and receptive and where there are many similar models of the products, having many choices can help to capture customer and establish strong market competitiveness Elmer-DeWitt, The company also needs to enhance the reflected affinity of its products so that it is not just seen as a status symbol of the rich but essential devices needed by the masses.

Most Apple devices are considered status or entertainment symbols among the potential consumers. In order to improve the status perception from the standpoint of consumers, Apple needs to invest in advertising strategies that are targeting specific customers in the market. Moreover, segmentation should be done in terms of the needs and purposes that a consumer wants to use the product for and not just as a matter of making sales. Apple is faced with a range of challenges on the Indian market that can be solved using a number of measures.

As already identified, the Indian tablet market is rife with suppliers who are selling similar products to consumers.

Marketing Strategy of Apple: Indian Smartphone Market

Apple cannot eliminate its competitors, such as Samsung, who are already operating in this market. Instead, the company should consider establishing strong supply networks throughout the country to enable it reach customers where ever they may live. A common characteristic in the Indian consumer markets of smartphones and related products is that most of the devices are expensive.

In the same way, Apple should consider forfeiting its net profit margins by lowering the prices of some of its products on the market, or produce devices specifically designed for low-income consumers.

apple ipad marketing case study Apple ipad marketing case study
apple ipad marketing case study Apple ipad marketing case study
apple ipad marketing case study Apple ipad marketing case study
apple ipad marketing case study Apple ipad marketing case study
apple ipad marketing case study Apple ipad marketing case study

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