1984 novel essay questions

Analysis Of George Orwell 's 1984

'1984' Questions for Study and Discussion

What kind of people are they? How are they treated differently from the Inner and Outer Party and why? What is their story?

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Choose one of the links and make a connection to any part of the novel you have read so far. What is the truth about the Lottery? What does Winston conclude at the end of the conversation with the man? Cult of Personality a Pyongyang: Pictures, statues and monuments throughout the city celebrate the Great Leaders. You may focus on one point or briefly summarize all of them. You must use complete sentences:. What are two ideas he dismisses and what does he finally decide to do? Give evidence. Orwell describes the thrush in detail.

What do you think the thrush symbolizes? I want everyone to be corrupt to the bones. What keeps Julia so busy and why does she do it? Provide evidence to support your choice and a page for each choice. Please submit using the following format:. Charrington and where do Julia and Winston now meet? Where did she get them? Why does Winston like it? How is the paperweight like a metaphor for their relationship?

Conclusion analysis

Write two verses of a nursery rhyme you sang as a child. Google the song and write a few notes about the origins. What is Orwell pointing out by mentioning nursery rhymes so often? Hint: Inner and Outer party members are not allowed to sing these songs.

Add 5 more adjectives to your list, based on this chapter. Provide details. Use a sticky note to tag this part; it will become important later in the book. What do Julia and Winston believe the Party will never be able to do? Give details. In words, justify this choice using examples from your life. Are there many casualties? Be specific — money is not specific.


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Collaborate with your classmates. Give details to explain why. Explain in a paragraph or note form. Whose morale is most important? In a paragraph, explain why no invasion of enemy territory is ever undertaken? Their lives are dedicated to world conquest, but they also know that it is necessary that the war should continue everlastingly and without victory. Try coming up with your own example.

Find at least 10 points of comparison between the two and fill out a table similar to this:. To what is he referring. This is an interesting question that deserves your time — read from the bottom of and all of for the answer. Read all of to provide your answer. Choose one of the links and in a minimum word paragraph, make a connection to any part of the novel you have read so far.

Explain what he means by this?


Why do you think he does this? How does Winston respond? Use evidence and some quotations to support your argument. To die hating them, that was freedom. What does this tell you about what has happened to Winston? Provide evidence of this control. Discuss his representation of proles see ch.

Choose one examples of an image, event, sentence, or idea in and find commonalities with Pyongyang. Then find a matching example in the modern world can be articles, videos, artwork, news events, etc. Use your 10 minute presentation to present this modern connection including your personal reflection on the topic.

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    1984 novel essay questions 1984 novel essay questions
    1984 novel essay questions 1984 novel essay questions
    1984 novel essay questions 1984 novel essay questions
    1984 novel essay questions 1984 novel essay questions
    1984 novel essay questions 1984 novel essay questions
    1984 novel essay questions 1984 novel essay questions

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